Common Roofing Issues In Denver

Colorado Weather and How It Affects Your Roof

Denver’s Front Range experiences the brunt of Colorado’s weather extremes. The region’s residential roofs stand firm against the elements from high heat to hailstorms. Learn more about Denver’s common roofing issues and how Stone Creek solves them all.

What Are the Main Roofing Worries in the Mile High City?

Denver, Colorado, is called the Mile High City for a reason—one point in Denver sits 5,280 feet (one mile) above sea level! It’s one of the main reasons why Denver’s weather conditions are often extreme and sporadic. Residents experience the most brutal winters and hottest, most humid summers. The city’s weather can be destructive to your home’s roofing system, no matter the season.

Some of the common roofing issues in Denver include:


Sunshine and summertime can take a toll on residential roofing. The more the sun shines down on your roof’s surface, the faster your roofing materials deteriorate. UV rays from the sun make roof shingles brittle, causing them to curl and crack under unbearable heat. Things like rain, debris, and pests also contribute to faster degradation.


Denver, Colorado, gets its fair share of hail storms, and they happen most frequently during spring and summer. Hail causes severe damage to residential roofs since it leaves cracks in traditional roof shingles. This is why some homeowners take proactive measures and invest in Class 4 Impact Resistant (IR) shingles.

Class 4 shingles are lab-tested and proven to withstand hail and minimize roof damage. However, homes with regular shingles are susceptible to the damage of a Denver hailstorm.


High winds often accompany rain, hail, and thunder. Therefore, wind damage to roofs in Denver is another common issue residents face. Strong winds can rip materials lose or tear them from the roof entirely. When your roofing membrane is exposed due to patches of missing shingles, it invites several other problems, like leaks, pest invasion, and energy inefficiencies.


As mentioned before, Denver winters are harsh. Although it may not get freezing cold, Denver still gets lots of snow. Snow damage to roofs occurs after it snows for hours at a time, and several inches accumulate on top of your building. The heavy weight of snow puts stress on your roofing system.

Additionally, when temperatures are low and the snow hasn’t melted, it creates an ice dam on your roof, which is also detrimental to underlying materials. Plus, ice dams lead to other issues, such as malfunctioning gutters.

Does Your Residential Roof Need Repairs or Replacement?

Perhaps you typed “Roof repair for storm damage in CO,” “Roof repair for storm damage in Denver,” or something similar in your search engine, and it led you here. If that’s the case, you need straightforward answers that don’t just confirm the signs of damage but also the best way to eliminate your roofing worries for good.

After calling legitimate Denver storm damage roof repair experts in your area, they’ll come to perform a thorough inspection to determine how to address your common roofing issues:


Every roof needs repairs at some point. Professionals fix common roofing issues with minor repairs, working on small portions of your roof. Contractors will either patch up isolated damaged areas or replace missing materials. Repair is also the perfect remedy for nail pops, missing granules, and cracked flashing. Quick fixes like these will suffice for common roofing issues that have caused minimal disruption to the structure.


Seasoned roofing contractors know when a roof’s in good condition and needs a few repairs versus when it’s best to start fresh with a replacement. After a comprehensive inspection, they can confirm if there’s substantial damage to the surface and the underlayment.

Before a mandatory replacement, roofers tear off all the materials. Next, they prepare the roof deck for its transformation by applying a water shield around the openings, such as the chimney and vents, and installing the roof felt. Finally, they’ll install your fresh, new roofing materials and perform one last inspection to ensure the work is completed correctly.

Stone Creek Is Here To Help No Matter Your Residential Roof’s Condition

Common roofing issues are no challenge to Stone Creek. We’re Colorado natives who know the city of Denver well, so we understand your home’s unique roofing requirements. We have everything you could need, from sun and heat protection for roofs to assisting with filing insurance claims. Our goals are to make sure you feel comfortable at home, as you should, and guide you through the process from start to finish. Bring your roofing problems to us, and rest assured your property’s in professional hands. Call us today to schedule your free roof inspection.

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