Hail-Resistant Shingles

Invest in hail-resistant shingles to lower your insurance premiums and lessen the likelihood of repairs needed after a severe storm. Learn more about the several advantages of high-impact shingles.

What Are the Properties of Hail-Resistant Shingles?

Hail-resistant roof shingles are also referred to as impact resistant (IR) or class 4 shingles. In the mid-1990s, the roofing industry created a test to measure roofing products’ resistance to heavy, consistent impact. This standardized test is called Underwriters Laboratory 2218 (UL 2218), more commonly known as the steel ball test. If a roofing material could withstand the impact of steel balls falling from 20 feet up, they received the highest rating, which is class 4.

Although they cost 10-20% more than traditional or non-impact shingles, those with a class 4 rating have a greater return on investment. Since they withstand high winds up to 110 miles per hour and significantly minimize roof damage during severe weather, hail-resistant roof shingles ultimately extend the lifespan of your roof’s deck, adding more value to your home.

How Are Impact-Resistant Roofing Shingles Made?

Class 4 roofing shingles were developed by industry-leading engineers. The way they’re made helps them endure greater impact more successfully, which limits your need for roof repairs and maintenance. Class 4 shingles are typically installed two ways:

A Reinforcing, Polymer-Based Mesh

The specialized mesh material is added to the back of a standard asphalt shingle. This extra layer is embedded in the shingle and holds it together. This method keeps the shingle from easily cracking under hard, consistent impact.

Rubber-Like Polymers

Styrene-butadiene-styrene or SBS is a rubber solution added to the asphalt composition. This combination creates a rubberizing effect, creating a shingle that has more flexibility. Therefore, it’s more resilient in a hailstorm.

Benefits of Hail-Resistant Shingles

Although the name makes its main benefit obvious, there are more reasons than just impact resistance that make class 4 shingles a great option for homeowners—especially those who live in areas that experience frequent storms. There are additional important advantages, including:

Less Money Spent on Repairs

Hail-resistant shingles reduce the need for and minimize the frequency of roof repairs. Getting work done on your roof is a costly expense, especially when there’s recurring damage. You’d also have to spend more money out of pocket if your homeowners insurance policy denies you coverage. However, with impact-resistant shingles, you can rest assured that your roof is made to weather the toughest storms without you having to spend a dime.

Lower Insurance Rates

The cost to insure hail-prone homes is expensive. The installation of class 4 impact-resistant shingles could lead to lower premiums for your homeowners insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts for those with existing class 4 shingle roof structures.

Aesthetically Appealing

Class 4 shingles are also available in architectural or 3-D designs. They’re constructed using more innovative technology and stronger materials. Plus, they offer incredible curb appeal as they often look like premium roofing materials, such as cedar.

Stone Creek Has Class 4 Shingles and Grade A Satisfaction

It’s no secret that Colorado homes endure countless hail storms each year. Take the initiative to protect your building and invest in our class 4 roof shingle installation. You deserve the ultimate peace of mind that comes with this high level of protection. We use the finest industry-leading materials provided by Owens Corning, prioritizing the safety of our customers. That’s why, with the right product and our proven expertise, we can upgrade your home’s roof to impact-resistant shingles at no additional cost.

Regardless of the weather conditions, our experienced crew knows just what to do for your home’s roof. Stone Creek continues to provide Colorado with a range of premier services from residential roof replacement to gutter guards and repairs. We’re also well-versed in the insurance industry, and we’ll help you navigate the claims process by offering patient and informative advice. If you’d like to upgrade your existing roof or if you’re in the market for a new structure, give us a call at Stone Creek Roofing today to schedule your free inspection.

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