Benefits of Gutters

Without proper functioning roof gutters, runoff water can potentially damage your home’s infrastructure. The purpose of roof gutters is to prevent water damage, saving you lots of time and money in the long run.

Are Gutters Necessary?

Yes, gutters are necessary. They’re the horizontal metal or aluminum tubes running along the edges of your roof. They protect your roofing system by collecting water and channeling it to the ground through a downspout outlet, which helps eliminate excess moisture. Without gutters, you risk getting extensive leakage and costly repairs.

The Importance of Proper Gutter Installation

One of the main benefits of gutters is that they lead water away from the building. Without gutters, rainwater has nowhere to go, so it collects on your roof and around your building, damaging roofing materials and the foundation.

Water sitting on the roof causes deterioration and mold on the shingles, soffit, fascia, and masonry. Lingering moisture in the windows creates condensation that damages the sills or interior walls. Without proper gutter installation, you also risk the following:

Foundation and Basement Issues

When gutters are clogged with dirt and debris, water overflows and pools around your property. And as water seeps below the ground or into your basement, it causes cracks and expansions in the foundation. This kind of damage ruins the integrity of the building and depreciates its value.

Wood Rot

If water can’t flow away from your roof, it pools on the roof’s surface and seeps into the underlayment. And when enough water saturates the underlayment and it warps, it leads to wood rot. This refers to when there is fungal growth in damp wood. Wood rot results in both gutter and roof repairs.

Ice Dams

Heavy snowfall on your roof’s surface must drain as soon as it melts. If not, low temperatures freeze that water and form an ice dam. These melt again when temperatures increase, but without gutters, roofing materials are damaged by water seeping into the roof instead of flowing away from the building. This leads to interior leaks, mildew, and water stains on walls and ceilings.

Soil Erosion

Since gutters drain water into your home’s underground drainage system, they prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion due to water accumulating instead of draining damages your grass and plants, costing you extra in gutter repairs and landscaping.

Gutter Guard Installation

Adequate gutter functionality is critical to maintaining structural integrity throughout the years. For this reason, many property owners invest in gutter guard installation for ultimate protection. These filter out debris without affecting water flow. Because of this, gutter guards drastically reduce cleaning frequency as well as maintenance requirements.

Stone Creek Gets Your Gutters Together

It’s difficult to tell when you need gutter repair or replacement, but a thorough inspection from Stone Creek helps you determine which you need. If your gutters are long overdue for maintenance, we’ll take care of it. Gutter care is roof care, and we’re dedicated to protecting every aspect of your structure.

We specialize in new roof construction, replacement, and restoration. Our residential and commercial exterior capabilities are extensive, as well. Stone Creek’s dynamic team includes gutter experts and siding specialists who make sure your entire building is ready for winter. Call us today to get started.